OPINION POLL RESULT; what does macau football need?

As a way to get an idea of what the local footballers, and those associated with Macanese football though, the MacauFootball blog set up its first poll. It possed a simple question – what does Macanese football need the most, and the response was very encouraging in terms of numbers of people voting, so firstly, thankyou.

Everyone was given the opportunity to select two of the following;

  • More local media attention for Macau football.
  • Better training or coaching for youngsters.
  • A higher standard of Match Officials – Referees etc.
  • A re-think of the foreigner limit ruling.
  • More facilities for football in general.
  • A more dedicated Macau football association.


4 from every 5 voters casted one of their votes in favour of a more dedicated Macau FA. THIRTY NINE PERCENT in total (remember everyone casted two votes) were in favour of having a football association who were more commited to local football.

17% of the vote were in favour of the local media taking a bigger interest in what goes on in the local football scene. Yes, we do care whats happening in the EPL, La Liga and Liga Sagres – but people here do care and should hear more from whats happening on their own doorstep.

A few votes behind with 14%, better footballing facilities. Macau has 3 grass pitches for 36 teams to compete in 4 divisions. Ok, Macau is tiny – but there isnt anywhere near the facilities for 36 teams to train! Ricardo Torrao mentioned in his interview with Macaufootball that the MFA should concider building a facility for football with a dozen grass pitches on it, it wouldnt be difficult for something beneficial to football in Macau to constructed.

  • 11% though a re-think of the foreigner rule was necessary
  • 11% also called for better training facilties, while
  • 8% wanted a higher standard of referees.

The latter 3 are not any less important to Macanese football, but with a run away lead, it has shown that there is an ongoing problem with how football is being orchestrated on Macanese soil.


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