Given that the teams where randomly drawn for the two groups competing in Macau’s annual 7 aside competition, Group A was definatly a tougher draw. Of the eight teams, 6 played in Macau’s top flight in the season just gone, whist one had recently won promotion to join them. Leaving AMCM as the rank underdogs to stay alive.

Lam Pak got off to a great start, beating the Development team. Kuan Tai narrowly beat last years Bolinha runners up. Hong Ngai are held to a goalless stalemate by the Police team. Porto see of underdogs AMCM.

Round 1 of 7; Macau U23 2-4 Lam Pak; Kuan Tai 1-0 Pau Peng; Hong Ngai 0-0 Policia; FC Porto 2-0 AMCM

Pau Peng look unlikely to repeat last years heroics as they fail to score again. Lam Pak storm past Policia. Kuan Tai scrape past a brave AMCM. Hong Ngai beat Porto.

Round 2 of 7; Pau Peng 0-0 Macau U23; Lam Pak 3-0 Policia; AMCM 1-2 Kuan Tai; FC Porto 1-2 Hong Ngai

Policia tight as usual against U23 team. Pau Peng and AMCM share their 1st points. Lam Pak and Kuan Tai both maintain 100% records after 3 games.

Round 3 of 7; Macau U23 0-1 Policia; Pau Peng 1-1 AMCM; Lam Pak 2-0 FC Porto; Kuan Tai 2-0 Hong Ngai

AMCM pick up 1st win. Porto make maximum points from Police team. Pau Peng in big trouble. Lam Pak win tough game against Kuan Tai.

Round 4 of 7; AMCM 1-0 Macau U23; Policia 0-2 FC Porto; Hong Ngai 2-1 Pau Peng; Lam Pak 1-0 Kuan Tai

Porto make push for the playoff match. Hong Ngai keep 2nd spot. Kuan Tai lose out in 2nd game in a row. Lam Pak 100% after 5 games.

Round 5 of 7; Macau U23 1-3 FC Porto; AMCM 1-2 Hong Ngai; Kuan Tai 0-1 Policia; Pau Peng 1-3 Lam Pak


  1. (5-0-0; 15pts) Lam Pak
  2. (3-1-1; 10pts) Hong Ngai
  3. (3-0-2; 09pts) FC Porto
  4. (3-0-2; 09pts) Kuan Tai
  5. (2-1-2; 07pts) Policia
  6. (1-1-3; 04pts) AMCM
  7. (0-2-3; 02pts) Pau Peng
  8. (0-1-4; 01pt) Macau U23

4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m a local journalist and would like to interview the author of this blog.Can you send me your contact? Thanks!


  2. Posted by Sam on January 16, 2012 at 4:39 am

    Thank you for your great explanation of football in Macau. I have been trying to find information on football in Macau and have found it very difficult! Even the official Macau FA page is not very useful.

    I am the Fixture Secretary of a Hong Kong based football team called Chatteris FC. We are coming to Macau on a football tour during the weekend of 10-11th March. We are looking at arranging a couple of social 11-a-side (or even 7-a-side) fixtures, however I am finding it difficult to find contact details for any social football clubs.

    Do you know any clubs we could play?

    Any help would be much appreciated!



  3. Hi. Just discovered this blog and find it to be very informative. Will you continue to write for the new (2012) season? Thanks.


  4. Posted by Filipe Graça on February 28, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Hello, I am a Portuguese coach and I live in Portugal. But I have a great ambition to one day go to a different country to implement my technical and tactical knowledge. Macau would be the country, because football is not yet well developed and I think it validates my help to change that.
    My problem is I have tried to contact representatives of clubs but it is not easy. Will you help me? If necessary I can send my C.V.


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