AGE; 19 years old

PLACE OF BIRTH; Johannesburg, South Africa

PREVIOUS CLUBS; Escolinhas, Benfica de Macau, Clube Futebol Estrela da Amadora, Atletico P.Pinheiro, Chengdu Blades Football Club, Clube Desportivo de Mafra, Windsor Arch Ka I

FAVOURITE TEAMS; Sporting CP & Real Madrid

FAVOURITE PLAYERS; Miguel Veloso, Sergio Ramos, Lucho Gonzalez, Fernando Torres, Joao Pinto, Cristiano Ronaldo

KA I HAVE DOMINATED EVERYTHING THAT THEY HAVE ENTERED DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS. DURING THIS DOMESTIC SEASON, KA I MANAGED BOTH THE CHAMPIONSHIP AND THE MACAU FA CUP – SO A GREAT SEASON FOR THE CLUB, BUT HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR SEASON WENT PERSONALLY? My main objective was to win the league and the Macau FA cup as a team, individually i think i could’ve done better. But I am always learning from the others, I am young and I want to improve every single day. But for the whole season I think I achieved the objectives that were proposed from the club

AND, WHAT WAS YOUR PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT? Personal highlight, well maybe it was to become champion of both league and cup and being the youngest player in the squad and playing almost every minute of every game. This season, I had to play in abit more defensive position, but still got to score 7 goals so it wasn’t bad, but being the youngest champion was definetly the highlight!

KA I ARE COACHED BY RUI CARDOSO. HE SEEMS TO BE QUITE A HANDS ON MANAGER. WHAT IS HE LIKE TO PLAY UNDER? Our coach, Rui Cardoso, in my opinion is the most professional coach that there is in Macau. He is a coach who prepares every single training with all the patience and passion that you can ask for. He does a lot of “homework”. I’ve been with quite a few coaches and in terms of preparation for the training sessions, he is at the top with the ones I had at Estrela da Amadora (Portuguese 1st divison). For sure if people in Macau would take local football more seriously, there would be a big improvement on our national team results and the league would definatly be a better league, there would be more impact from the football fans as well. Macau should use and learn from the best and this manager could do a lot for Macau football, and I personally believe thats its only a matter of time before he does

HOW MUCH OF WINDSOR ARCH KA I’s SUCCESS DO YOU BELIEVE CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO HIM PERSONALLY? Like i referred before, our team is all about working together. We can’t say that the success was achieved by just 1 or 2 players, or just because of the coach. Everyone contributed, from the guy that was in charge of bringing the equipment, the players, the coach’s, the club president – but I can say that the coach was something towards our success.

YOU CAME TO MACAU AFTER PLAYING PROFESSIONALLY OVER THE WATER IN HONG KONG WITH SHEFFIELD UTD HK, BUT WHAT WERE THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT BROUGHT YOU INTO MACANESE FOOTBALL? Well I was playing for Sheffield last season and this season, until January I was with Clube Desportivo de Mafra (Portuguese 2nd Division) and was then signed for (Windsor Arch) Ka I . The main factor that brought me to Ka I, or the macanese football was because I have family leaving in Macau and i needed some time to work extra hours on the gym and other personal stuff to take care of, and Macau was the best place for me to go at that moment (January ‘2010).

JUST HOW FAR BEHIND HONG KONG IS MACAU IN TERMS OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF FOOTBALL? HK is definetly a few steps ahead of Macau. In Hong Kong, every single team in their first division is professional (except for this new season, Hong Kong Football club – they are amateurs). Hong Kong invests alot of time, money and effort into football. Hong Kong national team gets alot of decent results playing with bigger nations, such as Japan & PR China. Macau often struggles when playing Hong Kong, rearly conceeding less than 5 goals. Macau doesn’t invest in its football as it’s all about the casinos. In Hong Kong, there is a different mentality, a ‘competitive’ mentality.

Besides Hong Kong gets good partnerships with big clubs in Europe. South China has Tottenham Hotspur, Kitchee has the FC Barcelona soccer schools, Macau, well just Benfica de Macau is trying to do that, but not in the same dimension as our neighbours. South China gets players from the First Division in Portugal & Brazil.

And there’s the fans, Hong Kong fans are great, fantastic! My first match in Hong Kong, I had 3,000 people watching the game – it was perfect. Just that made me realise that Hong Kong is miles away from Macau in football. I could also mention the speed of play, the fitness of the players, the certified coachs, the pre seasons abroad!

WHAT STEPS DO YOU FEEL SHOULD BE TAKEN TO HELP PROGRESS THE STANDARD THE GAME OF FOOTBALL IN MACAU SAR? For Macau to compete with the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore, etc, the Football Association has to get total backup from the Macanese govermment and get a good and ‘full’ football season from ends of august til Aptil or May of the following year. The teams should all be professional in the first Divsion at least. Macau needs to get more facilities in terms of soccer pitchs for the teams, let’s say.. build a academy with half a dozen pitchs (11 a side pitchs). Work on the media and the marketing of the league to get attention from the Macau population. There is a lot of work that can be done, Macau just has to get the guts to risk it and put some money in this sport that is kind of hidden!

ARE THERE ANY PLAYERS IN MACAU THAT STANDOUT AS PLAYERS WHO SHOULD BE PLAYING AT A HIGHER LEVEL THAN MACAU CURRENTLY OFFERS TO THEM? Yes absolutely, Macau definitly has talented players. I would name them, but I dont know how to write their names well. But in my opinion, Macau has 4 or 5 players that could make it professinal if they were trained every single day and would be willing to make a couple of sacrifices.

WHAT KIND OF PLAYER WOULD YOU DISCRIBE YOURSELF AS? Well, I am still young, i am still learning – I learn everyday from television (but let’s say that I always try to play like the players I admire the most). I like to be tough, I like hard games, I am a player that lives for the game 150% – when I get inside that pitch, I feel happy for what I do, but i never give up! I always try to improve my skills, such as my passing, shooting and off-the-ball movement. I expect a lot from me, i always expect the best from myself and try to do everything perfectly. I see myself as a player with a lot of fighting (in the good sense) attitude, giving everything I have into every shot, every run, every minute. But, I still have a lot to learn.

SO, WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU IN YOUR FOOTBALL CAREER? Well at the moment I am traveling to South Africa, Johannesburg. I am in contact with some people that can get me a few trials in a couple of teams from the PSL (South African 1st divison) and the second divison. I plan to Stay in SA to get my soccer career going, its a very very good league and perhaps can give me a boost towards a move to Europe.

DO YOU THINK ANY TEAM CAN STOP WINDSOR ARCH KA I FROM DOMINATING NEXT SEASONS COMPETITIONS? Well, every team is beatable, but Ka I has a good team. For sure it wont be an easy job to beat them.


Final words from Ricardo Torrao; I Would like to thank the Macau Football blog, it’s a previlege to be the first one to be interviewed. Keep going with the website, it’s these small things that will make a diference, and if everyone get’s together, for sure Macau football will win with it!

Hope in the next years the Macau league improves !

Cheers!! Ricardo Torrao


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